New Jersey Senate: Most Likely Democratic Loss in ’06?

by Stuart Rothenberg May 11, 2006 · 12:05 AM EDT

I recently received an e-mail from a friend who also happens to be a very savvy observer of New Jersey politics and a veteran of Democratic Party wars. His point was both clear and concise: I was wrong in a recent column to identify the Garden State Senate race as the GOP’s best chance to pick up…

Ohio Primary Paints Clearer November Picture

May 9, 2006 · 12:05 AM EDT

A handful of competitive races got a whole lot clearer on Tuesday when Ohio voters went to the polls in their primary. And for the most part, Democrats remain well positioned to take advantage of Republican ineptness.

Of course even though the nominees have been chosen, these races are far from…

Can Bush Fill the Leadership Vacuum He Created?

by Stuart Rothenberg May 8, 2006 · 10:10 AM EDT

Once upon a time, polls showed that most Americans believed George W. Bush was a strong leader. Now, fewer than half of those polled give him credit for leadership, and his poll numbers also have plummeted on integrity and honesty.

In separate incidents, two Democratic pollsters told me…

Ohio Results Give Democrats Good News

May 6, 2006 · 12:06 AM EDT

Tuesday’s Ohio results were almost uniformly good news for Democrats.

In the best news, state Senator Charlie Wilson (D) overwhelmed two primary opponents to win the Democratic Congressional nomination in Ohio’s 6th District. Wilson’s write-in victory was backed by Democratic Congressional…

Is Tony Snow Likely to Bring Sunny Days to the White House?

by Stuart Rothenberg May 4, 2006 · 12:01 AM EDT

The Republican National Committee churned out a couple of press releases recently after Tony Snow was selected to be President Bush’s new press secretary. The gist of both releases was that Snow is a great pick.

The releases quoted a variety of Democrats, conservatives and journalists praising…

Tennessee Senate: Three’s Company

by Nathan L. Gonzales May 3, 2006 · 11:54 PM EDT

Senator Harold Ford. Those might be the three words Republicans fear the most on Election Night. If Democrats can successfully takeover the open Tennessee Senate seat being vacated by Majority Leader Bill Frist (R), they could well win a Senate majority in November.

Democratic hopes are riding…

Arizona 5: Turning Up the Heat

by Nathan L. Gonzales May 3, 2006 · 11:04 PM EDT

Republican Cong. J.D. Hayworth is no stranger on the cable television circuit, but he isn’t used to seeing his name on Democratic target lists. Now, former state Sen. Harry Mitchell (D) is in the race and is looking to give the congressman his toughest race in a decade.

Mitchell is a well-known…

New Print Edition: Tennessee Senate & Arizona 5

May 3, 2006 · 2:07 PM EDT

The new May 3, 2006 print edition of the Rothenberg Political Report is on its way to subscribers. (Click here for subscription information.)

Tennessee Senate: Three’s Company
By Nathan L. Gonzales

Senator Harold Ford. Those might be the three words Republicans fear the most on Election Night. If…

Tony Snow and the Deteriorating Media

May 2, 2006 · 12:05 AM EDT

President Bush’s new White House Press Secretary is all the rage. But unfortunately, Tony Snow’s appointment will only feed the media’s craving for personal recognition and attention.

One of the major problems with the media today is too much focus on the “personality” delivering the…

Road Trip Along the Ohio River: Nine Races to Watch

by Stuart Rothenberg May 1, 2006 · 12:04 AM EDT

The fight for the House of Representatives could be determined in nine adjacent districts in four states, stretching from West Virginia to Indiana. It’s an easy car trip, stretching fewer than 500 miles. Just follow the Ohio River.

The races are a diverse bunch, with contests involving veteran…