Tracking Redistricting Battles Ahead of 2024

Though the 2024 election cycle is well underway, redistricting battles continue across several states.

With the control of the U.S. House on the line, both parties are keeping a close watch on the map drawing processes in North Carolina, Alabama, New York, and several other states still in the midst of legal battles. 

The ongoing litigation makes it difficult to forecast the specific timeline and eventual outcome of these fights, but both Republicans and Democrats have opportunities to win House seats through redistricting. Republicans are expected to secure a more favorable map in North Carolina, while Democrats are poised to pick up a seat in Alabama and are hoping for more favorable maps in Louisiana, Georgia, and New York. Initially, Republicans were expected to draw a more favorable map in Ohio, but another round of redistricting has now been pushed to the 2026 cycle.

Over the next few months, several states should come closer to finalizing the 2024 maps.

Late September
In Alabama, a federal court has taken over the map-drawing process after Republicans in the state legislature failed to draw a map that added a second district giving Black voters the opportunity to elect a representative of their choosing. Under Alabama’s current map, only one out of the state’s seven congressional districts is majority-Black despite Black people making up more than a quarter of the state’s population. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled that the map likely violated the…

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