Forget the Spin: Here’s What Really Happened In Tuesday’s Elections

by Stuart Rothenberg November 17, 2005 · 10:47 AM EST

By Stuart Rothenberg

Much of what you've read and heard about Tuesday's election results is wrong. That goes for the panicky blame-laying by some Republicans and conservatives, as well as the wild claims of resurgence by Democrats.

"Americans" did not "resoundingly" support "the new…

On Redistricting, Voters Have Spoken Up for the Status Quo

by Stuart Rothenberg November 13, 2005 · 11:15 PM EST

Voters seem less than pleased these days with thedirection of the country, the performance of thepresident and the performance of Congress. In manystates, this sense of dissatisfaction extends to thegovernor and state legislature.

Yet when voters in California and Ohio were presentedwith the…

Don’t Expect the GOP to Roll Over in the Battle for the Senate

by Stuart Rothenberg November 10, 2005 · 8:54 AM EST

With one year to go until the midterm elections, Democrats believe that control of the Senate is at stake. They’re optimistic, and they should be. Their fundraising and recruiting have been strong, and national poll numbers show President Bush in a hole and voters looking for change.


New Hampshire 1: Democrats Cheer, but ‘06 Recruit Stumbles

November 9, 2005 · 2:16 PM EST

As Democratic leaders scramble for the hilltops to shout the results of last night’s victories in Virginia and New Jersey, one down ballot race in New Hampshire symbolizes part of the Democrats’ challenge next year.

Three-term incumbent Mayor Bob Baines (D) lost reelection in Manchester,…

2005 Statewide Ballot Initiative Results

November 9, 2005 · 10:13 AM EST

Here are the latest results, as of 10 am ET Nov. 9, for the key statewideballot measures on the Nov. 8 ballot.

California Prop. 73. Requires parental notification for minors seeking anabortion, except in cases of medical emergency or with a judicial waiver. 47% Yes, 53% No, 100% reporting

It’s Worth Your While to Watch the Off-Year Elections

by Stuart Rothenberg November 7, 2005 · 9:17 AM EST

Longtime readers of this column are probably well aware of my habit of downplaying the national importance of off-year gubernatorial elections, on the grounds that those contests say much more about the particular candidates involved and the political dynamics of the state than about the national…

New Print Edition: NM1 & Washington Senate

November 4, 2005 · 3:33 PM EST

The new November 4, 2005 print edition of the Rothenberg Political Report is on its way to subscribers. Here is a sample from the current issue.

New Mexico 1: Repeat Defender
By Nathan L. Gonzales

First District Cong. Heather Wilson (R) is no stranger to Democratic target lists. Since her initial…

In Need of Fresh Start, Can Bush Turn the Page on Bad News?

by Stuart Rothenberg November 3, 2005 · 9:22 AM EST

So now what?

The president has had a horrible year. But he’ll still be in the Oval Office for another three years. So how does he turn things around, assuming of course that he doesn’t just want to chop wood and cut brush?

I asked a number of veterans of past Washington, D.C., wars about…

House Handicapping Is Getting Very Silly, Very Quickly

by Stuart Rothenberg October 31, 2005 · 10:27 PM EST

I have already written that the 2006 election cycle offers Democrats an excellent opportunity to make serious gains in the House, possibly even the 15 seats they need to win a House majority. A Democratic wave seems likely to develop.

That said, some of the early assertions being thrown around…

Many Republicans Look Ready to Gamble on Immigration Reform

by Stuart Rothenberg October 27, 2005 · 11:31 PM EDT

A fight on Capitol Hill over immigration reform now appears inevitable, even though it carries considerable risk for the GOP. Rank-and-file Republicans are up in arms over illegal immigration into the United States, and they are demanding legislative action.

Nothing illustrates the division…