Democrats have a 50-49-1 majority with two independents (King and Sanders) caucusing with Democrats and Sinema not caucusing with either party. Republicans need to gain one seat if they win the White House or two seats if they don’t win the presidential race.

  • Shift Republican
  • Shift Democratic

Total Seats in Play

Democrat: 20 Republican: 11

Battleground Democratic

Democrat: 8 Republican: 0
MI I D Open Stabenow
MT I D Tester
NV I D Rosen
OH I D Brown
PA I D Casey
VA I D Kaine
WI I D Baldwin
WV I D Manchin

Solid Democratic

Democrat: 12 Republican: 0
CA I D Open Feinstein
CT I D Murphy
DE I D Open Carper
HI I D Hirono
MA I D Warren
MD I D Open Cardin
ME I I King
MN I D Klobuchar
NJ I D Menendez
NM I D Heinrich
NY I D Gillibrand
RI I D Whitehouse
VT I I Sanders
WA I D Cantwell

Battleground Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 1
TX I R Cruz

Solid Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 10
FL I R Scott
IN I R Open Braun
MO I R Hawley
MS I R Wicker
ND I R Cramer
NE I R Fischer
NE II R Ricketts
TN I R Blackburn
UT I R Romney
WY I R Barrasso

Battleground Independent

Democrat: 0 Republican: 0
AZ I I Sinema