Arizona Senate: Flake Re-Election Race Heats Up

Nathan L. Gonzales August 18, 2017 · 12:30 PM EDT

After Donald Trump won Arizona’s 11 electoral votes in 2016, despite his historic unfavorable ratings, it looked like The Grand Canyon State was firmly in the Republican column. But GOP Sen. Jeff Flake is feeling political pressure from both Democrats and Trump supporters and may find himself squeezed out of a second term.

Flake gained an extraordinary amount of national attention when he revealed his new book, titled, “Conscience of a Conservative,” and set out on a media tour in which he said the Republican Party is in denial about the rise of Trump, decried “destructive politics,” and made the case for conservatism over the ideology of the current president. While the senator gained some admirers for being so outspoken against the President, it is also drawing criticism from elements of the GOP.

Republican primaries are nothing new to Arizona—the state’s senior senator, John McCain, draws a challenger every six years. Flake used to be more of a conservative favorite, including support from the free-market advocacy group, Club for Growth. But Trump’s election has scrambled the traditional Republican coalition.

On one hand, Flake is known as a Trump opponent and that could make him vulnerable in the primary. A year ago, the two men clashed in a private meeting between…

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