At DGA, Pearson Quietly Pulling Democrats Back to Prominence

Nathan L. Gonzales February 21, 2017 · 9:15 AM EST

Democratic lawmakers probably wouldn’t recognize Elisabeth Pearson if she walked into their Capitol Hill office, but they might be owing her their jobs before too long. 

As executive director of the Democratic Governors Association and a leading strategist in the party’s redistricting efforts, Pearson’s success will determine how long members stay in Washington.

“Her job, if not the most important job, is one of the most important jobs in Democratic politics right now,” Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia said.

Thirty-eight states will elect a governor over the next two years. And many of those governors will play a critical role in the next round of redistricting, which is scheduled for after the 2020 census. Democrats need governors in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan, for example, to ensure Republicans don’t impose new congressional maps that limit Democratic opportunities to gain and hold seats for a decade.

With dual roles at the DGA and as a founding board member of the newly formed National Democratic Redistricting Committee, Pearson is critical to Democratic efforts to regain relevancy.

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