(Mostly) Political One-Liners: Hair in Montana Ads, Let’s Remember Candidates from Kentucky

by Nathan L. Gonzales April 28, 2018 · 10:30 AM EDT

Arizona’s 8th District Special (a): The House majority was in play before the special election and it’s in play after the special election (and more thoughts in the aftermath of the race).

Arizona’s 8th District Special (b): Two months ago, we changed our rating from Solid Republican to Likely Republican and based on Lesko’s 5-point victory in a 21-point Trump district, that was the right move. 

California’s 25th District: Democrat Katie Hill’s television ad made a splash with her rock climbing skills, but I’m disappointed that Democratic consultant Bill Burton didn’t scale the rocks with her in order to get the camera shots.

Colorado’s 5th District. GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn running as a write-in candidate in the general election, potentially splitting conservative voters with a GOP nominee, might be the only way a Democrat can win a Colorado Springs district that President Trump won by 24 points.

Fight for the Senate [Video]: Come for the classic Saturday Night Live clip featuring Chevy Chase and stay for the Democrats path to a Senate majority in the next Congress.

House Chaplain Firing: If Speaker Nancy Pelosi had fired the House chaplain, Republicans would use it as a campaign issue for years and talk about Democrats taking God out of government. y

Let’s Remember Some Candidates from Kentucky: Nick Clooney, Alice Forgy Kerr, Kevin Murphy, Tony Miller, Klint Alexander, Elisabeth Jensen, Bruce Lunsford, David Boswell, Dan Mongiardo, Jack Conway, and Mike Weaver. (h/t Deadspin)

Montana Senate: Hairy television ads are practically a tradition in Big Sky Country, from Republican Matt Rosendale’s new ad, to Democrat Jon Tester’s spot in 2006, to Democrats’ attack ad that pushed Republican Mike Taylor out of the 2002 race.

New Jersey Senate: Senate Ethics Committee “severely admonished” Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez but, as we wrote over a year ago, Democrats will find a way to make sure his seat doesn’t fall into Republican hands.

Orange County: While the NRCC just announced the grand opening of an Orange County headquarters, the DCCC has had a physical presence there for months, which I wrote about in November.

Seahawks Draft: I love the Hawks, but Rashaad Penny better become a very good player, considering he probably could have been drafted a couple rounds later. 

Texas Senate: Part of Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s challenge to GOP Sen. Ted Cruz is growing his profile across a large state, considering his base (El Paso) is closer to Las Vegas, Nevada than Houston.