Primary Results in Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, and South Carolina, and Ohio 6 Special

Two more House Republicans survived spirited primary challenges this week. Elsewhere, Republicans picked their nominees in takeover targets in Maine and Nevada, and nearly got a shock in GOP territory in Appalachian Ohio.

Voters in four states – Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, and South Carolina – cast primary ballots on Tuesday. That means 26 states have completed their primaries up to this point with 23 remaining between now and Sept. 10. (Yes, that adds up to 49. Louisiana has its all-party primary on Nov. 5.) And voters in Ohio’s 6th District selected a replacement for Rep. Bill Johnson, who resigned earlier this year.

With five months still before Election Day, 27 candidates effectively have their tickets punched for Capitol Hill. They are likely to be new members of Congress next year because they’ve already won primaries in districts or states that are either solidly Republican or solidly Democratic and the general election is more of a formality. North Dakota’s Julie Fedorchak was the latest addition to that list.

Here’s what happened in some key contests on Tuesday.

2nd District (Northern Maine) Jared Golden, D, re-elected 53%. Trump 52%.
State Rep. Austin Theriault will be the GOP nominee against Golden. A former NASCAR driver from the northern part of the district, Theriault was the preferred candidate of House Speaker Mike Johnson and national GOP strategists, who believe that Theriault is a better foil for Golden than former Rep. Bruce Poliquin. But…

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