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For Some Democrats, the Political Picture Doesn’t Look So Rosy

by Stuart Rothenberg June 18, 2007 · 12:05 AM EDT

MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich. — While Democratic politicians and activists around the country are upbeat about the party’s near-term political prospects, including the 2008 presidential and Congressional elections, Democrats in Michigan are increasingly concerned about their standing in the state. Some are merely worried about the future. Others are openly…

New Print Edition: 2007-08 Gubernatorial Outlook

May 4, 2007 · 12:10 AM EDT
The latest print edition of the Rothenberg Political Report is on its way to subscribers. The print edition comes out every two weeks and the content is not available online. Subscribers get in-depth analysis of the most competitive races in the country, as well as quarterly…

In a Change Environment, More Bad News for GOP

by Nathan L. Gonzales March 7, 2006 · 11:01 PM EST

If voters are looking for a change this November, the fallout for Republicans could spread beyond the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House. Republicans are defending a number of governorships this cycle in states they have controlled for a number of years.

Voters at the state level have…

Louisiana Governor ’07: Jindal Readying Another Run

by Stuart Rothenberg January 31, 2006 · 9:22 AM EST

Already looking past the 2006 midterm elections? Well, if you are, you don’t need to look all the way to 2008 to find a race that’s already starting to take shape.

Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco (D) announced recently that she will seek reelection in 2007. But Blanco’s prospects…

Gov. Romney Appoints New RGA Executive Director

by Nathan L. Gonzales November 18, 2005 · 9:07 AM EST

The Republican Governors Association is making a top-level staffing move on the eve of a very challenging election cycle, and potential 2008 presidential candidate and current Gov. Mitt Romney (R) is in the middle of it.

RGA Executive Director Mike Pieper is set to become managing…

Virginia Governor: Down to the Wire

by Nathan L. Gonzales September 23, 2005 · 11:10 PM EDT

With just six weeks to go, some voters in Virginia are still waiting to tune in to their state’s race for governor. In a state with political heavyweights like Sen. George Allen (R), Gov. Mark Warner (D), and Sen. John Warner (R), a majority of voters appear uninspired by…

New Jersey Governor: Nothing But Net

by Nathan L. Gonzales April 22, 2005 · 11:33 PM EDT

Voters in New Jersey will go to the polls June 7 to nominate a candidate for governor. And later this November, unless the Republicans can get their act together and pull off a monumental upset, Sen. Jon Corzine (D) will become the next governor of the Garden State.