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Illinois 4 Special: The Potential Race to Replace Chuy García

by Erin Covey January 17, 2023 · 2:45 PM EST

The upcoming Chicago mayoral race has drawn a crowded field of candidates hoping to unseat Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Chief among her challengers is Democratic Rep. Chuy García, a progressive congressman from the southwest side of Chicago. If he wins, it’ll put another congressional special election on the docket.

This is…

Electoral Considerations of the 21 McCarthy Holdouts

by Jacob Rubashkin January 12, 2023 · 10:05 AM EST

At the start of the new Congress, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy limped to the speakership in a post-midnight vote that followed four days of stalemate and a final half-hour of chaos on the floor of the House of Representatives.

McCarthy always had the support of an overwhelming majority of…

Breaking Down the Demographics of the 118th Congress

by Erin Covey January 11, 2023 · 11:59 AM EST

Slowly but surely, the U.S. Congress has begun to better reflect the nation.

But even as the House and the Senate have gradually become more diverse, the rate at which that happens has appeared to decline. The number of women and nonwhite members in the 118th Congress has only marginally…

Report Shorts (January 6, 2023)

January 6, 2023 · 2:26 PM EST

New York’s 3rd District. GOP Rep. George Santos hasn’t settled into office yet, and he’s already been met with significant questions about fabricating his personal background and professional resume. The end result could be a short tenure and future open seat. 

Even some of Santos’ future colleagues are already openly…

Virginia 4 Special: McClellan Poised for History

by Jacob Rubashkin December 22, 2022 · 11:00 AM EST

The first House race of the 2024 cycle is well underway — and for all intents and purposes may already be over.

On Tuesday, Democrats in Virginia’s 4th District chose state Sen. Jennifer McClellan as their nominee in the Feb. 21 special election to replace the late Rep. Donald McEachin.…

New York 4: Recipe for a GOP Upset

by Jacob Rubashkin December 16, 2022 · 2:30 PM EST

Republicans entered the midterms with high hopes of taking back Congress. And while the GOP did win back the House of Representatives, they did so in underwhelming fashion, picking up just nine House seats after anticipating more significant gains.

But while the “Red Wave” fizzled out in most places, it…

Colorado 8: Democrats Win an Uphill Race

by Erin Covey December 16, 2022 · 2:29 PM EST

The battle for control of Colorado’s 8th District had ramifications far beyond 2022 — it established the political identity of a brand new congressional seat.

In a midterm cycle where Republicans should have had an edge, Democrats narrowly won this battleground district centered in the growing Denver suburbs. All signs…

The 6,670-Vote Majority: How Republicans Barely Won the House

by Jacob Rubashkin December 13, 2022 · 12:35 PM EST

Heading into the 2022 midterms, Republicans were confident that a Red Wave would sweep them back into power in Congress.

Ultimately, not only did a Red Wave fail to materialize, but Republicans barely cleared the lowest of bars they had set for themselves at the beginning of the cycle: winning…

Virginia 4 Special: Running in the River City

by Erin Covey December 12, 2022 · 2:00 PM EST

Only the third Black member of Congress to be elected from Virginia, the late Rep. Donald McEachin left a long legacy of public service after representing the Richmond area in Congress and the Virginia state Legislature since the mid-1990s. In the weeks following the congressman’s death, several names emerged as…

House Results: A Good Cycle for Incumbents

by Erin Covey December 2, 2022 · 2:30 PM EST

Democratic Members of Congress were bracing themselves for disaster. Running in a year marked by economic uncertainty — and widespread frustration with the direction that the country was heading in — incumbents in the party that controlled the federal government expected significant losses.

But catastrophic losses failed to materialize. House…