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Candidate Conversation - Jason Atkinson (R)

by Nathan L. Gonzales April 3, 2020 · 2:25 PM EDT

Oregon’s 2nd District — Rating: Solid Republican

Interview Date: Jan. 31, 2020

Date of Birth: Nov. 6, 1970; Sacramento, Calif.

Education: Southern Oregon Univ. (1992); Willamette Univ. (MBA, MPA 1996)

Elected Office: State Senate (former); State House (former); Gubernatorial candidate (2006)

Current Outlook: Atkinson is a credible contender for the…

California House Races Shift to General Election

by Jacob Rubashkin March 20, 2020 · 2:29 PM EDT

In 2018, the path to the Democratic House majority ran through California, where Democrats flipped seven long-time GOP districts. If Republicans want any chance of taking back control of the House, they’ll have to win at least some of them back in November.

In 2020, California will play host to…

Candidate Conversation - Lisa Song Sutton (R)

by Jacob Rubashkin March 20, 2020 · 2:28 PM EDT

Nevada’s 4th District — Rating: Solid Democratic

Interview Date: March 2, 2020

Date of Birth: March 11, 1985; Seoul, South Korea

Education: Univ. of Arizona (2006); Univ. of Miami (J.D. 2009)

Elected Office: None

Current Outlook: Song Sutton is headed toward a competitive June 9 primary against former state Assemblyman…

Coronavirus and the Elections: 7 Key Questions

by Nathan L. Gonzales March 17, 2020 · 8:45 AM EDT

Unfortunately, it sounds like we’re just at the beginning of what could be a multi-week or multi-month coronavirus crisis, so handicapping the pandemic’s impact on the elections is premature. But there are at least a handful of questions that will lead us to understanding the fallout, once the situation and…

House Primary Results: Alabama, North Carolina, Texas

March 6, 2020 · 2:27 PM EST

1st District (Greater Mobile) Open; Bradley Byrne, R, ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate.
Mobile County Commissioner Jerry Carl and former state Sen. Bill Hightower advanced to a March 31 runoff of the GOP nomination. One of them will be a member of Congress next year. Current rating:…

2020 House Overview: The Bernie Factor

February 21, 2020 · 2:30 PM EST

By Jacob Rubashkin & Nathan L. Gonzales

The House majority wasn’t regarded as in play, unless Democrats were to nominate Bernie Sanders for president. Now that the Vermont senator is a legitimate frontrunner, his impact from the top of the ticket on Democratic control of the House should be taken…

2020 House Overview (February 21, 2020): Alabama - Iowa

February 21, 2020 · 2:29 PM EST

1st District (Northeastern Arizona) Tom O’Halleran, D, re-elected 54%.
Trump 48%. Republican attorney Tiffany Shedd, who lost in the 2018 primary, is running again and was expected to be a better candidate. But she had just $112,000 in campaign funds on Dec. 31. Former state Sen. Barbara McGuire…

2020 House Overview (February 21, 2020): Kansas - New York

February 21, 2020 · 2:28 PM EST

2nd District (Topeka, Lawrence, eastern rural Kansas) Steve Watkins, R, elected 48%.
Trump 56%. Watkins ethical problems made this race closer than it should have been in 2018 and it could be a GOP problem once again. State Treasurer Jake LaTurner had $591,000 in the bank on Dec.…

2020 House Overview (February 21, 2020): North Carolina - Wyoming

February 21, 2020 · 2:27 PM EST

North Carolina. 
2nd District (Raleigh) Open; George Holding, R, not seeking re-election.
Clinton 60%. Court-ordered redistricting redrew the 2nd to encompass deep-blue Raleigh and much of surrounding Wake County. Rather than fight for his life, Holding chose to retire. 2016 Senate nominee Deborah Ross ($262,000 in the bank on…

RIP, Election Night

by Nathan L. Gonzales February 21, 2020 · 9:40 AM EST

It’s time to retire the term “election night.”

The semi-annual national tradition of staying up a few hours past bedtime to know who will control our government is over. From close races to voting by mail to human error, it’s becoming clear that counting votes no longer fits neatly into…