2018 Senate Overview (April 7, 2017) Maryland - Ohio

April 7, 2017 · 2:58 PM EDT

MARYLAND - Ben Cardin (D) elected 2006 (54%), 2012 (56%). Unless GOP Gov. Larry Hogan decides to challenge Cardin instead of seeking re-election (which he’s not going to do), Republicans aren’t going to win this seat. In 2016, Clinton defeated Trump 60-34 percent and Democrat Chris Van Hollen…

2018 Senate Overview (April 7, 2017) Oklahama - Wyoming

April 7, 2017 · 2:57 PM EDT

PENNSYLVANIA - Bob Casey, Jr. (D) elected 2006 (59%), 2012 (54%). With Trump’s 49-48 percent win over Clinton and Sen. Pat Toomey’s re-election in 2016, Republicans are feeling emboldened about their chances of defeating Casey next year. Now they just need a candidate. There was a moment when…

Georgia 6 Special: Red Alert In Suburban District

Nathan L. Gonzales April 7, 2017 · 2:56 PM EDT

It’s not a surprise that the special election to replace Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price is competitive considering Donald Trump’s underperformance in the Atlanta suburbs. But the fact that Democrats have a reasonable chance to score an upset on April 18 is still remarkable.

In search…

Reason for Democratic Optimism, But Health Care Won’t be Enough

Nathan L. Gonzales April 7, 2017 · 2:55 PM EDT

From the women’s marches to town hall protests, Democrats were feeling emboldened about the next elections even before Republicans fumbled their attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Democratic optimism grew (as well as media comparisons to a certain previous midterm election involving health…

Texas 16: Yes, A Safe Democratic Seat in Texas

Nathan L. Gonzales April 7, 2017 · 2:54 PM EDT

It’s hard to remember the last time Democrats won a statewide race in Texas, but there are pockets of Democratic voters in the Lone Star State. 

Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s run for the Senate against Republican Ted Cruz opens up the El Paso-based 16th District in West Texas. It’s not at risk…

Kansas 4 Special: Not So Solid for Republicans

Nathan L. Gonzales April 7, 2017 · 2:53 PM EDT

A few weeks ago, Republicans identified a special election problem in the Atlanta suburbs and proceeded to spend a few million dollars on television ads in Georgia’s 6th District. But now the special election in 4th District of Kansas is causing some headaches in the final days. 

Unlike the…

Candidate Conversation - Brad Little (R)

April 7, 2017 · 2:51 PM EDT

Candidate for Governor of Idaho

Interview Date: March 28, 2017

Date of Birth: Feb. 15, 1954; Emmett, Idaho

Education: Univ. of Idaho (1976)

Political Office: Lieutenant Governor (current); State senator

Current Outlook: As the sitting lieutenant governor with Gov. Butch Otter’s endorsement,…

So Much for Deal Making

Stuart Rothenberg April 5, 2017 · 9:20 AM EDT

It seemed logical. But so far it hasn’t happened.

Last year, many political observers were suggesting that new political leadership in the nation’s capital could well usher in a wave of political negotiation and compromise. No, the legislative process wouldn’t suddenly become easy, but the…