Job Opening: Analyst - Reporter for Inside Elections

Nathan L. Gonzales April 20, 2017 · 8:30 AM EDT

Sixteen years ago, I left CNN for something called The Rothenberg Political Report. Looking back, I really didn’t have any idea what I was getting into, but I’m grateful to Stu for a tremendous opportunity to work and learn alongside him for well over a decade.

Now I’m looking to build the Inside…

8 Things I Think I Think After the Georgia 6 Special Primary

Nathan L. Gonzales April 19, 2017 · 12:15 PM EDT

My family sat down for dinner at a nice Amish family’s house in Lancaster County, Pa. on Tuesday night, less than two hours before the polls closed in Georgia’s 6th District, and Jon Ossoff’s name didn’t come up once. That’s not surprising, but it is what happens when special elections collide with…

The Bipartisan Effort to Make Senate History

Nathan L. Gonzales April 14, 2017 · 10:06 AM EDT

For all of the moaning and groaning about Washington being dysfunctional, members of Congress aren’t exactly tripping over each other to get out of town.

So far, all of the Republican and Democratic senators up for re-election this cycle seem intent on seeking another term. And if that trend…

11 Things I Think I Think After the Kansas 4 Special Election

Nathan L. Gonzales April 12, 2017 · 11:45 AM EDT

After a few months in the electoral desert, we finally have election results to digest from a competitive race, albeit an unexpected one.

State Treasurer Ron Estes pulled out a 53-46 percent victory to keep the 4th District of Kansas in Republican hands. The 7-point margin is shocking considering…

2018 Senate Overview: Waiting for the New Normal

Nathan L. Gonzales April 7, 2017 · 3:00 PM EDT

Donald Trump has been president for less than three months and yet it feels like three years, as each day seems to bring at least one urgent story (if not two or three) to the forefront. And even though the 2018 midterm elections are 19 months away, they are not immune from the constant chaos. 

2018 Senate Overview (April 7, 2017) Alabama - Maine

April 7, 2017 · 2:59 PM EDT

ALABAMA - Luther Strange (R) appointed 2017. Special Election. This seat is the latest addition to the regular class of senate seats up this cycle. GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions was confirmed as President Donald Trump’s attorney general and GOP Gov. Robert Bentley appointed state Attorney General Luther…

2018 Senate Overview (April 7, 2017) Maryland - Ohio

April 7, 2017 · 2:58 PM EDT

MARYLAND - Ben Cardin (D) elected 2006 (54%), 2012 (56%). Unless GOP Gov. Larry Hogan decides to challenge Cardin instead of seeking re-election (which he’s not going to do), Republicans aren’t going to win this seat. In 2016, Clinton defeated Trump 60-34 percent and Democrat Chris Van Hollen…

2018 Senate Overview (April 7, 2017) Oklahama - Wyoming

April 7, 2017 · 2:57 PM EDT

PENNSYLVANIA - Bob Casey, Jr. (D) elected 2006 (59%), 2012 (54%). With Trump’s 49-48 percent win over Clinton and Sen. Pat Toomey’s re-election in 2016, Republicans are feeling emboldened about their chances of defeating Casey next year. Now they just need a candidate. There was a moment when…

Georgia 6 Special: Red Alert In Suburban District

Nathan L. Gonzales April 7, 2017 · 2:56 PM EDT

It’s not a surprise that the special election to replace Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price is competitive considering Donald Trump’s underperformance in the Atlanta suburbs. But the fact that Democrats have a reasonable chance to score an upset on April 18 is still remarkable.

In search…

Reason for Democratic Optimism, But Health Care Won’t be Enough

Nathan L. Gonzales April 7, 2017 · 2:55 PM EDT

From the women’s marches to town hall protests, Democrats were feeling emboldened about the next elections even before Republicans fumbled their attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Democratic optimism grew (as well as media comparisons to a certain previous midterm election involving health…