2020 Elections Recap: Great Expectations

November 19, 2020 · 2:30 PM EST

By Nathan L. Gonzales and Jacob Rubashkin 

Whenever Donald Trump is on the ballot, things don’t go according to plan. It may only be fitting for a year such as 2020 that we’re staring at a strange combination of election results and reaction.

Republicans are taking victory laps while Trump is…

Georgia Senate Runoffs: Double Overtime

by Jacob Rubashkin November 19, 2020 · 2:29 PM EST

The 2020 elections aren’t over yet. Republicans will hold at least 50 seats in the new Senate, while Democrats will hold at least 48. With Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris emerging victorious in the presidential election, control of the chamber will come down to two Senate runoff elections in…

Trump’s Surprising Gains with Minority Voters

by Ryan Matsumoto November 19, 2020 · 2:28 PM EST

One of the first signs that we were in for a long election week was when Miami-Dade County, Florida released its first vote totals.  Although Joe Biden won Miami-Dade County 53 percent to 46 percent, this was a substantial decline from Hillary Clinton’s 64 percent to 34 percent margin in 2016.


At Long Last, Senate Results

November 19, 2020 · 2:27 PM EST

Even though control of the Senate is hanging in the balance with the two runoffs in Georgia, we finally have results everywhere else. Here’s a brief summary of what happened in key Senate contests around the country.

Alabama. Tommy Tuberville (R) over Sen. Doug Jones (D) 60%-40%. GOP Takeover.…

Georgia Runoff History: Why the Past May Not Be Prologue

by Jacob Rubashkin November 19, 2020 · 2:26 PM EST

On his way to becoming the first person to defeat an incumbent president since Bill Clinton in 1992, Joe Biden also replicated another one of the Arkansas governor’s feats: winning Georgia, something no Democratic presidential candidate has done in 28 years.

Along with Biden’s narrow win —…

The Fight for the Senate Continues into 2022

by Nathan L. Gonzales November 19, 2020 · 8:14 AM EST

While we won't know who controls the Senate next year until after the Georgia runoffs, the battle will continue into the 2022 midterms. Similar to 2020, Republicans will start on the defensive, and Democrats are initially poised to make gains once again. But the cycle will likely be defined by the…

2020 Elections Enter New Stage

by Nathan L. Gonzales November 6, 2020 · 12:12 PM EST

If your job involves the elections, you’re going to be humbled at some point, and probably more than once. Apparently four years is long enough to almost forget the fun and challenges of handicapping an election with Donald Trump on the ballot.

With votes still being counted and races still to be…

A Brief History of Georgia Runoffs, and Why This Time May Be Different

by Jacob Rubashkin November 4, 2020 · 11:45 PM EST

An updated version of this article is available here.

With President Donald Trump’s initial lead dissipating in Georgia, GOP Sen. David Perdue looks increasingly likely to be forced into a January runoff against Democrat Jon Ossoff. Perdue’s share of the vote is close to dipping below 50 percent,…

Where Do We Go From Here?

November 4, 2020 · 4:59 AM EST

Based on everything else that has happened this year, this is a fitting end to the 2020 elections, as the fights for the White House and Senate continue on past Election Day. 

The scenario of extended uncertainty shouldn’t be a surprise, since the media has been talking about the need for patience…

What to Watch for on Election Night

by Jacob Rubashkin November 3, 2020 · 10:45 AM EST

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It’s Election Day in America, and there’s a lot riding on the outcome. Not only is…